ETS Azaïs & Cie specializes in vegetable tanning, with a centenary know-how, recognized around the world.

Mégissier for generations, the company Azaïs research and constantly developing new processes and products, always keeping in mind our key word:

quality of the product first.

Notre usine | Azais megisserie

The tannery is shaping different types of leathers for several types of uses :

Leather goods, Clothing & Furnishing


Committed for more than 100 years in the vegetable tanning technique, AZAIS Company is strong with a unique, worlwide and well-known savoir-faire, whether for work lambskin , goatskin or sheepskin . Végétable Tanning is winning back all of its spurs, thus confirming our involvment for four generations,

in the respect of our environment. Always tuned to our clients needs, the AZAIS Company works with several Research and Development laboratories on creating new products and their production processes.

Our goal: to meet your expectations

The company in a few landmarks

  • Founded in 1898
  • Specialised in the treatment of skins : Lambs, Sheep and Goats from 4 generations
  • More than a 100 years of know-how in the vegetable tanning process (100% natural)
  • Products for both the leather industry and the leather craftsmen
  • Skins from New-Zealand, England, Spain, France, Australia, India …
  • Selection of the best grades in rawhide materials.
  • Fully controlled production: MADE IN FRANCE products.
  • REACH standard
  • Exportation in the whole world

Lamb or sheep leather with a vegetable tanning ?

Firstly, we get a high-quality leather with this type of tanned and our know-how, the end result combines finesse, strength and skins of larger sizes (up to 1m2).
This also allows multiple variations, colors and finishes to suit your needs. Above all, the vegetable tanning is environmentally friendly, chrome-free and provides a hypoallergenic leather.
At the exit of the tannery, our leather is perfect for use in leather goods, clothing and furniture.


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